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Köp Snoopers nya kompakta och stilfulla DVR HD dashcam med GPS-teknik så att du automatiskt kan övervaka och spela in olyckor och incidenter på vägen.

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3 artiklar


With a dash cam on board, you will be able to automatically record and monitor any road incidents and provide valuable evidence during accident investigations, false insurance claims, which will save your no-claims discount.

Automatic activation

Instantly begin recording when the power is turned on for peace of mind while driving. It is the responsibility of the user to regularly review footage to check that video and data is recording correctly.

Built-in LCD screen

Enjoy instant playback through the built-in LCD screen or via an app on compatible models for quick review following an accident.


Monitor impact data from three separate directions with the highly sensitive, in-built G-sensor.

GPS receiver

Record speed, location and time on models with a GPS antenna.

Speed camera alerts

Make driving safer by adding the AURA speed camera location database to your device - only includes specific models.

Wide angle view

Don’t miss any vital footage with a wide-angle dash cam, featuring recording angles between 120° and 160°.

Insurance premium discount

Be rewarded with up to 15% discount on new insurance premiums with Adrian Flux, the UK’s largest specialist motor insurance broker.

Lane departure warnings

Be alerted to unintentional lane crossing with the lane departure warning system (LDWS) featured on the DVR-4HD & DVR-5HD.

Multiple mounting options

Find the perfect position for your dash cam with multiple mounting options, so it doesn’t hinder your view while driving.

Two-channel cameras

Our range includes two-channel cameras for front and rear recording, covering even more of your drive.

Driver fatigue alerts

Receive alerts on when to take a break during long distance journeys with the in-built driver fatigue alarm on select dash cam models.

Get in touch

For more information about our range of dash cameras, contact the Snooper team on 0333 232 2020 or fill out an online enquiry form.

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